Takadao offers a halal
insurance alternative
powered by the blockchain
for the new, global age.


TAKADAO is a blockchain native insurance

We are based on mutual cooperation and community aid, known as Takaful. We are organized as a DAO on the Ethereum blockchain to ensure transparency and community governance.

TAKADAO = Takaful (Shariah-compliant insurance) + DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).


Why Takadao?

bit coin
Your insurance premiums are yours.
If there are profits from investing your premiums, they will be distributed back to you.
Shariah-compliant insurance available globally
TAKADAO makes it possible for you to get insured from anywhere in the world.
Transparency and governance
Blockchain technology enables you to see what happens and participate in governance.

How does it work?

how does work
1.Contribute to the TAKA fund
Join the community and contribute to the fund, you’ll receive a TAKA token.
2.Minting assets
Assets are minted as NFTs and entered into a Takaful smart contract and the terms of insurance are codified as smart contracts on the blockchain.
3.Insurance claims are automatically paid out by smart contracts
Automatic claim pay outs from the TAKA fund once agreed upon conditions are met.
4.Issuing TAKA tokens
Upon paying new premiums into the fund, tokens are issued. Tokens are burned when a claim is paid out or a smart contract reaches maturity

Taka Token Features

Stable Coin
Stable Coin
Tokens are pegged to the value of the fund and represent a share of equity in the underlying fund
Community members can trade tokens to increase or decrease their shares in the fund and insurance claims
Share in the profits
Share in the profits
Your TAKA token increases in value with profits, and decreases with claims
Vote on strategy
Vote on strategy
Your TAKA token allows you to vote on governance decisions such as investments and claims settling.

Shariah Compliance

Conventional insurance is not shariah-compliant because
they involve uncertainty, gambling and interest.
Uncertainty and gambling

Insurance pays out only if something goes wrong. If nothing happens, you’d have lost all the money you’ve paid for insurance.

With Takadao, even if nothing happens, you still own a share of the TAKA fund and are therefore entitled to a partial or full return of the premiums you’ve paid. You will also receive profits from investment returns if any.


With conventional insurance, the premiums you’ve paid to the insurance companies are usually invested in interest-bearing vehicles.

With Takadao, your premiums are invested on your behalf in shariah-compliant vehicles that do not involve interest.


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Conventional insurance is not shariah-compliant because they involve uncertainty, gambling and interest Conventional insurance is not shariah-. gambling and interest Conventional insurance is not shariah.