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Takadao Purpose

peopleCommunity-owned with profit-sharing
blockchainGlobal Accessibility at Your Fingertips
halalTransparency &

Takadao Solution


Takaturn is a community-based savings program that helps build your crypto savings while helping others.



Takasure turns savings into the world’s first shariah-compliant life insurance on the blockchain.

Coming soon

Takalearn provides Web3 & finance knowledge that’s easily understood by people from all walks of life.

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Takalabs opens a portal to financial freedom through NFTs that act as a ticket into the Web3 space.

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Takadao Team


Morrad Irsane

CO-Founder & CEO


Sharene Lee

CO-Founder & COO


Aisha El Allam



Ameerah Langer

Brand & Comms Manager


Atiq ur-Rehman

Head of Growth


Ahmed Imira

Actuarial Manager


Leila Ngouloure

Executive Project Manager


Abdalla Elsayed

Product Design Manager


Reza Rayman

Compliance Manager


Roaa Nagi

Customer Success

Our Trusted Partners

In the spirit of community, Takadao is joining forcers with other industry
leaders to create a brighter financial future for all.

Our Investors

We’re backed by several international venture investors to scale our solutions globally.


Your questions answered: Understanding
Takadao made simple

Takadao is building community-based alternatives to banks and insurance companies that are trustless and transparent. Takadao, the company, builds the infrastructure that makes it possible for community-based financing and insurance to exist.

Takadao is a Muslim-led company and all products are shariah-compliant for the benefit of every community, whether Islamic or not.

There are 4 products in the Takaverse: Takaturn, Takasure, Takalearn and Takalabs.

Takaturn empowers financial freedom by turning debt into asset. Takaturn consists of small groups of people saving together and collectively financing one another. There is no bank, each participant is both the borrower and the lender.

Takasure protects financial freedom by turning savings into insurance. Takasure consists of a large group of people saving together and collectively insuring one another’s lives and assets. There is no insurance company, each participant is both the insurer and the insured.

Takalearn encourages financial freedom by distributing easily understandable Web3 & (Islamic) finance knowledge.

Takalabs spearheads financial freedom by integrating NFTs

The TakaTribe is a global community of people taking a stand against the broken financial system, helping each other achieve financial freedom.

Becoming a part of the TakaTribe can be as easy as hitting the follow, like or share button on social media. But if you want to be part of the inner circle, join us on Telegram for exclusive insights and the latest crypto/(Islamic) finance tips & tricks; by the community, for the community.